Final Edit

Candidate number 2570


Evaluation 8

Feedback i received from my film.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 19.39.06Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 19.59.21

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 20.23.45

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 09.47.46

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 10.23.25



After asking my audience for feedback of and on the video i was given 9,9,9,8,7,9. To find my average score i added them all and divided by the amount of numbers. (9+9+9+9+8+7) and then divided it by 6.

My Average verdict is 8.5 out of 10

amount of views from different countries:

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 11.21.26

From looking at this show majority of my audience is from the uk the percentage of views being 81% and the 2nd country i have the most view from is Italy. which is 14% of views. Shows the range of my audience and where they come from.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 11.30.47

This shows the number of males and females who watched my film. clearly states the Male prefer/ were more intrigued in my film. Shows it would appeal more to males in the UK which also follows up to my perfect audience member as it is mainly centred around the male gender.

Evaluation 7

Video of what i had learnt fro the preliminary task compared to the final film.

I learnt many other things such deciding the right actors as one of the actors we used in the film was quite unexperienced and didnt create any emotions in character towards the film so the outcome of my preliminary task wasn’t as good as the final film. Also learnt how to get the right camera angles which creates a more engaging and entitling film.

Evaluation 6

Technology used


I used a great number of software during the production of my opening sequence.



With this software i was able to create my Ident of which i learnt how to edit more precisely with the audio used in my ident. What i also learnt was that i was able to zoom into videos after the clip had been taken this brought a new perspective of how i made the opening scene, overall the outcome of this was that i was able to produce my product in a greater fashion and had a wider range of options on how my opening scene would be produced.

Final Cut Pro

final cut pro

For my opening scene i used Final Cut Pro this is because it was the best software i could possibly get and it was a lot easier with changing things in the clip and also has a lot of options on changing audio as i was able to easily edit things i didn’t want in the film. Overall what i have learnt is the ability to edit the clips to match on action meaning there are more continuous shots making my film more smooth and accurate.



Word was a great and simplistic software for creating my script for my film i did this so all actors knew what they were saying this is so the opening scene and acting would be more greatly performed as it enabled actors to repeat their lines. What i learnt from this is that its a lot better being organised as it improves the film/ opening scene itself.


youtube enblem

Youtube helped me a lot with learning new filming techniques and what this also enabled me to do was upload my edits onto their for feedback. What i learnt from this software it is a good way for research and a good form of feedback and being able to post videos as its free and doesn’t take a lot of time to upload.



notes was a good way of thinking of new ideas for my opening scene during production like what else i could include in my film e.g the scenes with the text “Lizzie Parker” and “Edward Wirght” weren’t originally apart of my storyboard therefore in my spare time i came up with new ideas of how i made my film. I learnt from this that using notes are good for brainstorming new ideas in the film.


I used wordpress to create my blog in showing all of the required tasks i had done what i learnt from this was how to blog posts and including images and other methods of technology e.g. videos and prezi’s. Easy to combine media with text.


I used Facebook to connect with my actors and my cast so i could organise days with them to shoot my film. I also used it to receive feedback from my audience as well as communicating with my audience/ target audience. so a overall good form of communication.

Above shows the camera i used this piece of hardware enabled us to increase quality of the film and i used many techniques from using this camera as i was able to manually control focus of the footage focusing on the certain parts of my final film i specifically wanted. Also gave me a wider range of options e.g. filters i can use on the camera.

what i learnt from the hardware was how to get better angles from my film. My planning and how i produce a film has improved due to taking many shots in one scene and i learnt to make more shots on one separate part of the film so you have more footage to go over and make a better film overall. With the apple mac laptop i was able to improve my technical skills knowing what software to use to make my film that little bit better. And i know that i can use multiple software to end up with a better film.

Evaluation 4


what my one of my audience members would visually look like.

The member of uktribes the fits perfectly as an audience member is the “get paid crew” which are more straight-laced than their innovative DIYer cousins and likely to be working hard to set up their own business, get a good job and make money, money, money

As i’ve referred briefly in my research category about my perfect audience member. The age of my perfect audience member as i said before is 16-23 as well as over 60s. There background would be born and living in big cities such as London, Los Angeles and even New York and would go to a private school. Music they’d listen to day to day would be jazz. TV they would watch would be tv soaps  and old films from 1940s-60s as maltese falcons and other noir styled films. I attracted my audience member by creating an appealing film as i have heavily based my film with traits such as smoking, black and white, femme fatale, drinking, casinos and used a lot of dark shadows in my film. Which entitles my audience members to watch my film as it has classic attributes of any other film noir film and brings new ideas into the mix aswell including stereotypical detectives and villains. Other things that will attract my audience is the style my film is shot as there are classic shots of which capture the perfect shadows which amplifies the effect of each character. I have also created in my film a living atmosphere with more just than the centralisation of the main characters what i mean by this is the use of a large amount of background characters whom i have specifically put every detail in purposely, which creates the living world sense in the film which allows the audience to relate to the characters automatically getting a better view and more of an approval to them.



If i was to chose a real life audience member Pietro Piazza.

Photo on 10-03-2016 at 19.38 #2This young adult very tv shows/ films are known classics somewhat related to film noir and action films such as Reservoir dog, and sin city. He also enjoys rather dark toned movies by this he means the film ending in an unresolved plot or a plot of which the hero doesn’t win. “It gives the film that Femme Fatale sense” so he said. The music he listens to is classical such as songs made in the “60s,70s and 80s” he says he prefers italian classical music or opera.


Evaluation 1

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 08.49.41


Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 09.05.36The title of my film relates to a real media product as it seems somewhat professional as i have used car lights it illuminate the title and i then make the title the colour white to make the title more clear. As well as the use of audio as i had used the audio of the car driving away to leave the audience thinking of what happens next.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 09.04.56

The setting relates to a real product as i have used a rather believable one as in the first time i had shot my film it had looked as a class room but i purposely changed where i shot to make the casino feeling more believable. I even gathered blue curtains to cover the walls instead of the plain white walls. which did look better in comparison to the plain white walls. And then also i filmed some outside footage to create more of a city feeling to the film instead of just staying in one place.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 09.08.05

For the costume i used rather formal wear this relates to a real media product as it relates to the time period i have in my film which is around period of 1960. The costumes i made my actors were suits with shirt and bow ties and for the female actress she wore a dress this was to create a femme fatale for the female character, creating an attractive woman who stands out from all the other characters. I also used a heavy amount of props some which people may not have noticed such as posters, ash tray , a hip flask and even a plant pot on the desk create a more living environment to increase realism of my film.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 09.08.58

camera work i had used was that i had explained in a past post that i took 3 shots of the same scene and i did this from 2 different angles each scene. This was so i had a more continous film resulting in making it more smooth for editing. I had used most of the angles from my shot script however some did change due to extra scenes i chose to include. For the editing i had already had great experience in editing so it didnt take too long. I had altered volume levels for speech and the music to make it more dramatic at times when needed. How this relates to real media productts is that a lot of shots are taken when making things such as opening sequences and a lot of time and accuracy is spent on that as well as editing. It took me a full 2 weeks to shoot all of my film and then took a 3 weeks to edit the first second and final cuts of my film. i focused specifically on this image as it perfectly displays noir themes with cigarette smoke and props used.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 09.07.21

How my Font and Style relates to a real media product is that i used rather big and bold text in each scene i included text and i made sure that each text sequence were related to the shots they were included in. What this is creates a greater atmosphere to the audience by making it bold creates a more professional look and with the style shows its more a courageous opening sequence. in compared to other media products it rather relates to there opening sequences as i had done a lot of research on others such as “seven”s opening sequence and Quentin Taratinos film opening credits. And also in a lot of the films they put the text on objects of which i have done on several clips in my film such as the “and” text and “lizzie Parker” titles. The reason i chose this image was because shows a well done font and a still font as its as if the font it lying on the side of the sink.


Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 09.06.44

My story and Narrative relates to a real media product as my story is about a detective wanting to find a woman called Christina Quinn and goes to Billy the owner of a casino for answers. Then in the end of my opening sequence it turns out the detectives assistant is Christina and he gets drugged by the woman and is taken away this leaves to the audience thinking to what happens next. How this relates to a real media product is that in opening sequences today they lead on to the rest of the story. its almost a introduction to the world that the film is situated in which mine highly relates to.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 09.09.20

The Genre of my opening credits relates to a real media product as i had done a lot of research to know how to make a film noir film and this is by the props, setting, costume and sound of the film of which creates a good atmosphere which is what i have done as compared to what others have done it relates.I chose this image as it shows a poster of the femme fatale for woman. that they shouldn’t be trusted and it featured a violent tone with a gun and the word murder included.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 09.08.29

My characters relate to a real media product as i had chosen the best actors for the opening scene. I even told them to read part of the script to make sure they were the right part. how i knew they were the right part was that i related their own personalities to the film so it was looked better on screen. I gave each character a back story in my past posts so they had more of a drive in what they do and so the actors could get the feel of their characters. I made sure no character were slightly similar making it more of a mystery in the opening scene so the audience were more thrived to know their story a little more meaning they’d become concentrated into the film and more interested. I chose this image  because it shows one of the most important parts of the opening scene i have made.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 09.03.42

The special effects i used were gaussian blur i used this to create a more interesting opening scene and to make it more of a mystery towards the viewer and making it intriguing at the same. how this relates to a real media product is that in film opening sequences is that they always lead onto an extensive story that becomes known later on in the film.



How i made my film

i decided to shoot my film over the course of a week.

Day 1

For my first shoot which was the 8th of January i decided to shoot my the beginning of my short opening scene. And decided to stop shooting before Johnny the main character walks in. i decide to spend 2 hours on the first part of this film mainly to get more shots and angles of this scene. so then in the editing i could create the continuous editing effect of where everything in the film seems continuous when going from one shot to the next. when i choose the different angles i get the actors to repeat the exact movements they had made the first time. and i will continue shooting until the scene is done. this is so i can have a wide variety of shots to choose from i use a variety to make the scene more interesting and more grasping for the audience. For this first day of shooting i only required Billy (Alistair), body guards (Ed), Waiter (Hugh) and the background people played by (Pietro,Ben, Assim and Gerald.)

conclusion to this day:

realised that the setting doesn’t fit so i made a post “After the first shooting of my film” showing the first scenes of my film of which is what i did on day 1

Day 2

On Monday the 18th was us reshooting the scenes of the first day in a better and more realistic set as more props were used. Overall this shooting went a lot better as all actors knew what they were doing as had already attempted it last time. we used the same actors on Day 1.

Day 3

On Tuesday the 19th of January i decided to film the rest of the film containing the actors of Charlie (who plays Johnny) Lizzie (Who plays Christina Quinn) and Alistair (who plays Billy). We found this rather more complicated to perform as i had to get the right angles. i got the actors to have a practice run before actually shooting which results in the filming being better in the actual confirmed footage (footage i included) I also used a lot of lighting and moved the light to create more shadows to get the ultimate Film Noir feel. Aswell as making the film the actors also had fun with it too and some clips were rather comedic but they will show on the deleted scenes post.


After first cut

Day 4

On the 21st of January i filmed some reshoots of the shootout scene and got a behind the character view so it was visually more clear that Billy was shot. Which i gathered more clips of that. What i had also made that day was the Driving scene of which Johnny is taken away in a van. I did this by getting my teacher to use his car and purposely shot it at night to get the noir feeling and also so it wasn’t visually clear to see all of the car as it was not a 1960s car meaning the feeling for the time wasn’t going to match with my film.

Day 5

on the 25th of January i decided to do the last shooting of my film of which was the outside scene where we used a casino sign to amplify the fact of it being a casino and create the atmosphere of the film to be more dramatic and realistic. after filming the outside casino scene i had realised i gathered all of the footage needed.







Editing my Film

The software i used to edit my film was Final Cut Pro.

what i had first done was put all the clips onto the software i had then made my first edit by adding sound effects such as crowd walla and other sounds i have included on past posts. Moving onto my final edit i had then made it more complicated as i had added video effects such as a blur effect called Guassain and Focus. these were a great deal in my film as the aim was to create a sort of mystery to it and not centralise any of the characters.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 12.39.26.png

For editing sound i had persistently zoomed in to where the alterations could occur and i had edited each sound component as shown below. This made my sound my clear and accurate.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 21.45.42

For the text in my opening sequence i had chosen a range of different animations. I also purposely specified where the text should go. For the ending of my film there is the title of my film with car light passing through the letters i purposely did this as i knew it would be a more interesting effect towards my film and be overall more impressive as the title of a film being made in a well manner results in a more adequate opinion from the viewer. Below shows text i used for my title( knock out).

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 12.51.42.png